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Step by Step (Elementary School)

30 Mins P 1,300
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Primary School

Do you want to study what elementary schoolers in Japan are studying? Let's do it together! What do you want to study, Japanese, math, science, social studies, or English?

Japanese children who live overseas! Children in Japan who want to study more!
Nothing is more boring than studying something you can't understand! It makes you feel reeeeeally bad, doesn't it?

But if you change that feeling into "I want to understand!" then you will be able to try your best! As long as you have that feeling, you will be okay! 

If you feel motivated like this, then these lessons are for you! I can't wait to meet you (^^)/

(To Moms and Dads, 
I can answer any questions you may have about the lessons, schedule, etc. I hope to relieve any concerns you may have about your children's studies. Please feel free to contact me)

Material: Flexible

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