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Yoga / Qi Gong - For Healthy Eyes + Beautiful Face!

20 Mins P 1,500
tutor_image David

This relaxing lesson is a combination of simple to perform exercises designed to replenish and strengthen your eyesight, improve the health of your eyes, and also rejuvenate the skin on your face.

This lesson consists of a series of ancient exercises which have been used for generations to improve eyesight, prevent damage to the eyes, and to leave your face looking young and youthful!

Please read this link below for an interesting article on the recently proven, scientific benefits of this type of practice!!!


Exercises will include those from tried and tested systems of healh such self massage, Qi Gong (Chi Gong), Yoga and others!

This lesson is suitable for EVERYONE, and will be very gentle. You do not need to have any exercise experience, and you will not get hot and sweaty.
Material: Flexible

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