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Dahee’s Korean Lesson

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Korean Good for beginners Grammar Reading

From Hangul characters to basic conversation. Start with simple vocabulary and get more comfortable with Korean!

My textbook is split into 3 levels.
Please take a look at the following and choose the level that fits you best!

● Practice pronunciation with sound files
I will send you sound files so that you know how to pronunce the textbook’s dialogues. 
● Start by speaking in sentences
For people who gave up on books that overload you with vocabulary! If you study with this textbook, you will be able to start making sentences in Korean right away.
● Personalized review sheets
Everyone has trouble with different grammar points, so if you have trouble understanding something, I will create an easy to understand file that will help you review it.



There is also an intermediate level, but if you already understand all of the grammar up to here, please consult with me first.

Translation: 1/2015 - The Cafetalk Team

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