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Pronunciation Lesson

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English Pronunciation Listening Speaking

Improve your pronunciation from a British native and learn the difference between British and American pronunciation.

This lesson is great for all levels!

In this lesson, we will focus on improving your spoken English. I will show you how to make some of those complicated sounds, using pronunciation techniques and practices.

I recommend you start by taking the free trial lesson, where we will have a casual conversation and I will focus on the problem areas of your spoken English, before giving you some detailed feedback.

What we cover in this lesson will depend on what your needs are. Some areas we might cover include; voiced and unvoiced 'th' sound, long vowels, short vowels, consonants, minimal pairs, L and R sound, B and V sound, P and B sound and many more areas including intonation and stress; as well as other speaking techniques.

Together we will achieve your English speaking objectives!

I look forward to helping you,


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