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Nutrition Consultation + Healthy Eating Discussion

60 Mins P 2,300 Trial 20 Mins P 700
tutor_image David
English Speaking General Discussion Sports

Have you ever wanted to improve your diet? Lose weight, gain weight, improve your energy levels!? This lesson - with a qualified PROFESSIONAL is ideal for you!

This lesson is ideal for anyone who is not only learning English, but also those who would like to improve their diet in order to lose weight, gain weight, improve energy levels or just become healthier in general!

We will not only discuss healthy eating and nutrition in a general sense, but we will also work out methods for YOU to improve your own health on a PERSONAL basis.

As a fitness professional and athlete who has ran my own businesses in London, UK, I can safely say that my methods have been tried and tested with numerous athletes, general people, and also on myself - over countless sporting competitions such as martial arts and even 100 mile running races!

I look forward to working with you on your health and fitness journey today!
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