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Tai Chi - A moving meditation

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Learn the Chinese art of Tai Chi! This is a tried and tested system which has been used for over 1000 years. It is excellent for strengthening the body and relaxing the mind. It is ideal for everyone of all ages and fitness levels!

Tai Chi is an ancient health system, designed to balance the mind and body in a perfect harmony. It literally translates as 'The Grand Ultimate' and 'Tai Chi' is the name for the well known symbol in our culture which we often incorrectly refer to as the 'Yin-Yang' symbol.

Similar to what this symbol is designed to convey - Tai Chi as an art form is designed to strengthen and relax the body at the same time, whilst also strengthening and relaxing the mind. It provides equal opposites in every area, to keep the body and mind perfectly healthy, and perfectly balanced.

It is generally performed in a very slow and gentle manner, which makes this form of 'moving meditation' ideal for people of all ages, background and fitness levels, and it is commonly practiced in parks today in China by elderly people, up to 100 years old and beyond!

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