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書道 Japanese Calligraphy

30 Mins P 1,000
tutor_image Masayo

Why don't you practice Japanese Calligraphy with me?

I will teach you how to write Japanese Calligraphy with a brush.

If you don't have any materials for Japanese Calligraphy
Please prepare a practice sheet and a brush before lesson.
You can perchase them through the internet by around 30$.
The price depends though.
I am going to support you to find one.
One of my students living in Mexico bought one and it costed less than 7 Euro included delivery, although delivery takes about 2 months...

With this practice sheet, you don't need any ink but just water and when the sheet gets dry, what you wrote disappears!!!
You can use it almost for ever!

We can use also actual rice paper and black ink, if you want.

I can teach you basic Japanese alphabets like hiragana and katakana or kanji.
You can learn Japanese and Japanese culture through the calligraphy!

Material: Flexible

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