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Yoga & Meditation

If you are new to yoga and do not know where to start this lesson is perfect for you!

I have had many requests from people who have always wanted to learn Yoga, but for one reason or another have never thought they could.

-Do I need to be able to bend my leg over my head or do a headstand to do Yoga?
-I am not spiritual or religous so Yoga is not for me!
-I am not flexible so I can't do Yoga
-I have previous injuries stopping me from doing yoga
-I don't have time to travel to Yoga classes!

As an experienced teacher I have heard these reasons for not starting a yoga practice hundreds of times, although I have now created a lesson that is perfect for you!

You do NOT need to be able to bend your leg over head or do a headstand to do yoga! Yoga is a PRACTICE, and unlike SPORTS it is not a competition.

My Yoga has NO religious or spiritual context! The style of Yoga I am qualified in is technically a Japanese (Zen) style, (which is the only non Hindu Yoga qualification to be certified by the Yoga Alliance and British Wheel of Yoga) - BUT this is only reflected in the relaxed method of teaching and it is NOT a religious style. Anyone can take part.

I was not flexible before I started practicing Yoga! In fact, one of the reasons I started practicing was so that I could BECOME more flexible. In life we should work to improve our weak areas, and so if you are not flexible, Yoga is the perfect practice for you!

As well as being a certified Yoga teacher, I am also a professional Sports Therapist and Lower Back Pain Specialist in London, UK, so I am qualfied to work to fix injuries, chronic pains and more, through the use of exercise and hands on treatments. If you have an injury it is not a problem! We can discuss this before the lesson, and I can design a programme to help rehabilitate the injury for you, or work around it without causing pain. 

If you do not have time to travel to Yoga classes because of your busy work or study schedule - then online lessons are the IDEAL solution for you! You can practice yoga 1-2-1 with a professional teacher, all within the comfort of your own home.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to send me a message!

Otherwise - I look forward to seeing you on the mat :-)

Take care and have a lovely day.


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