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Reading the News with Nicolle

30 Mins P 1,200
tutor_image Nicolle C.
English Reading Vocabulary News/Current Affairs

Let's study English using news articles from around the world!

*This class requires the student to do some reading preparation before the class.

During the class you will be able practice your English skills, and at the same time, learn about current events in the world!

There are two options for this class:

1. You can choose an article you would like to study with, and send me a link to the article. 

2. I will choose an article from the BBC, the New York Times, the CBC, Japan Today, or another news source. If you have a preference about the news source or topic, please be sure to tell me when you request the lesson.

Material: Flexible
This tutor is currently on leave or vacation.
Lesson requests can be made after Jul 27, 2019.

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