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For Children! Learn English with Storytime!

15 Mins P 700
tutor_image Lady Ayame
English For Children Pre-Schoolers Reading to Children

This is an English Lesson for children using "Story Telling"!

Hello Cafetalk Community!

This class is excellent for children preschool and primary school ages. I can teach English using the "story telling" technique. I will have several picture books for your child and I will read the book to them in English.

The story telling technique makes it fun for young children to learn the English language. I also speak Japanese, so I will be able to instantly translate and communicate with the child in either language. As a result, I will be able to answer any question the child may have. I work extremely well with children!

My previous experience as an actress helps me make story time dynamic and fun for every child! I am a certified Librarian also, so why not bring Story Time into your child's life in Real Time?! Wouldn't that be fun?!

Yoroshiku onegai-shimasu!

Lady Ayame

Material: Other (I will supply a ion of Picture Story Books.Your child can choose the book(s) that they like. No preparation necessary on your part.)

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