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すべての人にロシア語 Russian for everybody

30 Mins P 3,000
tutor_image Yuliya Bez
Russian Good for beginners Vocabulary Speaking

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あなたが初心者なら、当初からロシア語を学びましょう! あなたはロシア語の手紙や言葉を読む方法を知っています! あなたは役に立つフレーズ、必要な語彙、そして重要なロシア文法のポイントを見つけます!


If you're a beginner let's learn Russian language from the very beginning! You'll know how to read Russian letters and words! You'll find out useful phrases, necessary vocabulary and essential Russian grammar points!
If you know some words and grammar let's continue learning Russian language!

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Material: Flexible
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