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IELTS reading lesson

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tutor_image Mark Roy
English Test Prep IELTS Reading

'Academic' or 'General IELTS' reading practice

In this lesson, I will send you a genuine IELTS reading article with questions before our lessons starts. During the lesson, I will read each paragraph and you can repeat after me to practice your pronunciation. I will then explain any difficult vocabulary in the article. After you have understood all of the text, we will start to answer each question and I will guide you on where to find the correct answer. The use of synonyms and synonymous phrases is popular in IELTS and so I will guide you on how to understand the question correctly and more importantly, where to find the relevant text. The majority of my students have increased their score using this method and have been able to achieve a higher than required pass mark.

Material: Textbook (http://www.harpercollins.com.au/9780007423279/)

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