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IELTS speaking lesson

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tutor_image Mark Roy
English Test Prep IELTS Speaking

Take some IELTS speaking classes with me and pass your IELTS with 7.0+

In this lesson, I will use genuine IELTS speaking questions (Part1, 2 and 3) from past exam papers. I will ask you a set of questions from each part and listen to your answer. While you are speaking, I will use the information you provide in your answer to write a corrected or improved version into the Skype chat box. After you have finished giving me your answer, I will explain any errors that you made and suggest my improvements. After the lesson is complete, you will have a Skype record of model answers that can be copied and pasted into a Word document for practicing offline. The vast majority of my students have managed to achieved at least 7.0 or higher using this method.
Material: Textbook (Collins Speaking for IELTS)

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