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IELTS writing lesson

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tutor_image Mark Roy
English Test Prep IELTS Writing

'Academic' or 'General IELTS' writing practice

In this lesson, I will use sample questions for Task 1 and 2 writing questions. Before our lesson starts, I will send you some writing questions for both Task 1 and 2. In your own time, you can write an answer and send it back to me either before or during the lesson. I will go through your writing in the lesson and if you have used MS Word, I will correct your answer using 'Track Changes' and advise you on the use of improved vocabulary, grammar and phrases. If you have hand-written your answer, you can take a picture of the page with your smartphone camera or use a scanner and send it to me for correction. If you have not had time to write a sample answer, don't worry! We can look at a question during a lesson and I can give you some useful vocabulary and idioms, and we can write something together under my guidance. 

Material: Textbook (Collins Reading for IELTS)

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