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Intermediate Japanese lessons

50 Mins P 2,800 Trial 20 Mins P 1000
tutor_image Yukari Maller
Japanese Grammar Reading Roleplaying

The most effective course to improve your Japanese!

Study contents (Examples) Lesson plans are flexible to suit your level of understanding and requirements.

* You can study and prepare for JLPT N2 and N3 in this course.

① 自由会話(かいわ)free conversations

② 文型(ぶんけい)を使ったレッスン

lessons using sentence patterns (examples)

1 ~わりには: 1)年のわりには若(わか)く見える:You look young for your age. 2)お金がないと言っているわりに、よく買い物するね:even though you say you have no money,you buy a lot,don't you?

2~というより:今日は涼(すず)しいというより寒いくらいだった:It was cold rather than cool today.

3いくら(どんなに)~ても:私はいくらお酒(さけ)を飲んでも顔色(かおいろ)が変わらない:My face doesn't go red no matter how much I drink.

4~っぱなし:水を出しっぱなしにしないでください:Please don't leave the water running.

5~おかげで:日本へ来たおかげで、日本語が上手(じょうず)になった:My Japanese improved as a result of coming to Japan.



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