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Introductory Japanese 1 (for absolute beginners)

50 Mins P 2,800 Trial 20 Mins P 1000
tutor_image Yukari Maller
Japanese Good for beginners Grammar Speaking

Suitable for students with no previous experience of Japanese.

This course uses basic sentence structures to teach practical Japanese

Course outline:

1 Japanese greetings and Self-introduction

2 Kore/Sore/Are/Dore: Demonstratives for things

3 Koko/Soko/Asoko/Doko: Demonstratives for places +

4 Arimasu/Imasu: Existence

5 Hiragana Practise Part1

6 Hiragana Practise Part2

7 Katakana Practise

8 Numbers/Time and Date

9 Family

10 Verbs Part1 ( Present Tense, Future Tense )

11 Verbs part2 ( Past Tense )

12 N (place) e ikimasu: I go to ___ / N (vehicle) de ikimasu:Igo by ____

13 N (place) de V: eg, I buy a newspaper at the station/Vmashoo: Let's ~ / V masenka: Won't you ~

14 Adjectives Part1 ( i Adjectives)

15 Adjectives Part2 ( na Adjectives)

Recommended Textbook: Minna No Nihongo Beginner 1

I encourage students to learn how to read and write hiragana and katakana, the two Japanese phonetic alphabets. This will really improve your confidence with the language.

Material: Original Material

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