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PROOFREADING / EDITING up to 100 words (offline, no Skype)

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tutor_image Mark Roy
English Writing Proofreading Native-Check

Proofreading service for up to 100 words (ideal for IELTS essays) off line with no Skype call, 7 days a week service

This session is designed for students who need ANY document up to 100 words (please see my other session for documents of 500 or 1,000 words) proofread but do not have the time to attend a Skype session with me. Documents from any origin are welcome and the preferred format is in MS Word / PowerPoint or Excel. Simply follow the instructions below and your document will be returned to you 100% correct and ready for submission or publication:

  • Book this session on the Cafetalk booking system.

  • Set the session date as the deadline for when you want the proofreading to be completed by.

  • Attach your document to the lesson request or send a separate e-mail on the Cafetalk system and include any special instructions.

  • Wait until the session time has passed and then check your student mailbox, open the message and download your completed document that is attached.

  • Open your document, click on the REVIEW tab at the top of the page and then click ACCEPT CHANGES. 

  • Once you have accepted the changes, your document will be returned to the original state BUT corrections will have been made.

  • Finally, save the document on your computer. If you lose the document, don't worry!! I can send it again upon request.

If your document is 200 words, please book 2 of these sessions, for 300 words; please book 3 sessions etc...

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