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Business English (50 mins, 2,800 points)

50 Mins P 2,800 Trial 10 Mins P 0
tutor_image Mark Roy
English Business Marketing Coaching

Essential business vocabulary, case studies, presentation skills, negotiation skills and much more...

I am an experienced business manager who has worked in commerce for over 20 years in a managerial position. In my lessons, I will provide all the learning materials for free and will cover the following areas from which you can choose:

















-Human resources (HR)

-International markets





-International marketing

-Building relationships

-Management styles

-Team building

-Customer service

-Crisis management

-Mergers and acquisitions

My lessons are fully interactive with listening exercises, discussions, case studies, grammar and vocabulary reviews and article reading. You can choose any topic from the list above or I can start from the beginning. If you would like a head-start in business, then please choose this class.

Material: Textbook (Market Leader)

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