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Collocations-In-Use (Intermediate)

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English Idioms

Increase fluency, sound more natural, know your idioms and phrasal verbs. Take it a step further and know collocations.

Ever wondered how to sound & speak like native speakers? It's not just the accent or the pronunciation. Sometimes, even people who have already undergone accent reduction training suddenly sound awkward. Why? Because they combine words which simply don't sound natural to native speakers. The words don't collocate. What was that? You do skiing? Well, it's better to say "You go skiing." Learn more and use them everyday! This is a VOCABULARY course which aims to increase OUTPUT IN SPEAKING. The Flow of the Class: The 1st 5 minutes: Warm-Up 15 minutes for vocabulary learning & exercises. 15 minutes for application and output: The student will be asked to use the collocations by telling a related story or discussing a relevant topic. The main textbook is English Collocations in Use but other resources (like collocation dictionaries) shall be used. Students will be provided electronic copies of the text. For hard copies, please visit your local bookstores & online book shops.

Material: Textbook (Cambridge English Collocations in Use (Intermediate))

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