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5 Lessons - English Lesson Variety Pack (50 mins)

50 Mins P 11,000
tutor_image Ruth ルース
English Reading Vocabulary Speaking

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Lesson Pack Description:
This lesson pack is for 5 x 50 minute lessons. This pack allows you to save money compared to purchasing the lessons individually. This pack includes 5 coupons to be used over 50 days - it is designed for you to consistently use English by taking one lesson per week.

The lessons that you can choose from include:

  • Free Conversation - 50 mins

  • Describing Pictures - 50 mins

  • Random Question Attack - 50 mins

  • Reading - 50 mins


- If this is your first lesson, the tutor advises you to take the consultation lesson first so you can meet the tutor and hear her accent and speed. Or you can send the tutor a message to ask for advice.
- When booking the lesson please write inside the message box what lesson you want to take.

- During the lesson the tutor will type any mispronounced words, new vocabulary and expressions inside the skype chat box for you to study after the lesson. 
- During the lesson the tutor will suggest ways to rephrase your sentences to sound more natural. These suggestions will also be typed into the skype chat box.
- Before the lesson finishes the tutor will give you verbal feedback on your speaking and pronunciation. 
- If you would like detailed written feedback after the lesson please purchase the detailed lesson review.


  • Please be aware that only the lessons listed above are included in this pack. Customized lessons are NOT included in this pack. If you want to learn something specific (example: interview preparation) please book ''your customized lesson''

  • Please be aware that all the lessons in the pack have to be taken within the stated time frame. This is why the lesson pack is offered at a discounted price. If you can't complete the lessons within the time frame, the pack will expire and the coupons cannot be used.

  • It is advisable to book the lessons in advance so you can have your preferred date and time.

Material: Original Material
Lesson Pack Details:
This is a 5-lesson pack. You will be issued 5 free coupons when your first lesson is confirmed by the tutor so you can request the remaining lessons. Please note that all requests related to this pack must be taken within 50 days of the confirmation date.

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