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First Casual Kimono

60 Mins P 4,000
tutor_image Miho J

New to kimono? You will get dressed in kimono at the end of the lesson!

*Trial lesson is available: First Kimono Q&A.

"I have kimono but don't know how to wear this.
 Do I need to spend months or years to learn it?"

No, you will know it by the end of this lesson.

What you need to do to make you look nice in kimono is getting used to wear kimono.
I want you to know that wearing kimono is not difficult. So the lesson focuses on the minimal (most important, in other words) points that you need to know to wear kimono. 


Did you get struggled with tying shoelaces in your childhood? What did you do to solve it? You must have practiced tying again and again. Once you learnt it, you probably started seeking your own style and trying different knots.
Kimono is the same!

Let's get experience of wearing kimono by yourself now!

Once you learn how to wear kimono during the lesson, all you need is practise to get used to it. Then you will enjoy kimono as you do western clothes.

English or Japanese

Lesson Flow:
Explaining what is covered in lesson
Checking the itmes you prepared
Putting on kimono along with my demonstration
Giving feedback and tips for you to get better kimono style

Items you need (Mandatory)
● Kimono
● Juban
● Hanhaba-Obi (same as yukata-obi)
● 3 Koshi-himo (cords) 

● Erishin
● Obi-ita
● 2 Clips

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