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NEWS - What's your opinion?

25 Mins P 1,300
tutor_image Ruth ルース
English Pronunciation Speaking General Discussion

Speaking ・ Forming Opinions ・ Discussion ・ Fluency

Lesson Description:
- The tutor will send you the link to the news aricle the day before the lesson. Please read the article before the lesson.
- The tutor will ask at the start of the lesson if you have any questions about the news article. For example: vocabulary, expressions, idioms & meaning. The tutor will answer your questions.
- The tutor will ask you discussion questions to encourage you to speak and express your opinion

Lesson Aims:
- To encourage speaking & fluency

- To practice expressing your opinions in English


- If you would like to choose your own reading material please send the link to the tutor more than 2 days in advance of the lesson.

- If this is your first lesson, please advise the tutor of your interests and English level when booking the lesson. The tutor advises you to take the consultation lesson first so we can ensure the lesson is tailored to your level and interests. 
- Pleae read the article before the lesson and write down any questions you want to ask.

- During the lesson the tutor will type any mispronounced words, new vocabulary and expressions inside the skype chat box for you to study after the lesson. 
- During the lesson the tutor will suggest ways to rephrase your sentences to sound more natural. These suggestions will also be typed into the skype chat box.

- Before the lesson finishes the tutor will give you verbal feedback on your speaking and pronunciation. 
- If you would like detailed written feedback after the lesson please purchase the detailed lesson review.


Material: Flexible

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